. Lindsay . 21 . cis lady . she/her . feminist . neurodivergent .

Not quite as gay as previously thought. Still hella queer. Back on LI after a stint in Indiana, where people are usually polite and accidentally dropping boxes on snakes in backyards is a thing that happens.

I'm a writer who sings in the shower and doodles in notebooks and occasionally repairs a pair of pants. Sometimes I even dust a shelf or kiss someone.

There are currently two Smiths references on this sidebar.
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“Once in Elsinore. Hamlet” in the Theatre “Masterskaya” led by Grigory Kozlov, 23.09.2014

Based on  tragedy William Shakespeare’s “The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”. 

Directed by  Roman Gabria.

Design by Sergey Novikov.

Light design by Igor Tupikin.

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I fukin love 14th century art art because everyone looks so shady and suspicious of ppl around them its AMAZING




or just like they know something u dont and oh my gdfuck i cant

I believe the highest point is reached in Simone Martini’s Annunciation


and the look of absolute hatred Mary and Gabriel exchange. 



"mary i know ur only half a virgin"
"fuck off gabriel"