Lindsay. Long Island native in Indiana. Gay as Ellen (you pick which). Favorite things include absinthe, cats, books, those tiny frosty faces that show up on my windows during a super cold night, walking on grass in bare feet, bodies of water, and the moon. Anxiety, recurrent depression, borderline personality disorder, with a fun side of does-my-current-psych-think-I'm-bipolar-or- not. I write stories and poems and pretend my brother and I are going to become EDM start and draw terrible doodles and listen to music and sleep. That's about it.
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Patterns by William Morris, part III.

Fun fact- the greens used in William Morris’ work is a pigment derived from arsenic, with reports often showing that rooms adorning a green-toned wallpaper we free of bed bugs- whereas their non-green counterparts were riddled with them.. people also felt a bit crap after living with the green wallpaper for awhile, unsurprisingly.. 

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